Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Champion – Corporate Liaison

In 2014, Sodexo launched an internal study to explore and understand the correlation between gender-balanced management and performance. An update or Part 2 was released in 2018.

The research represented over five years of data, covering 50,000 managers in 70 countries globally. The research suggests that gender-balanced teams outperform those that are not gender balanced, and the optimal mix of gender is 40 % to 60% women.

Gender, race, age, language, religion and culture continue to be barriers to creating and sustaining an inclusive and diverse workforce that transforms belonging. Diversity, inclusion and belonging include accepting and acting on ideas, perspectives, various viewpoints, economic and educational backgrounds. This is cultural competence at its best and Transformational Leadership in the forefront as leaders lead and transform their workplaces into highly engaged and productive environments that intersect with success and growth. Promoting and implementing diversity, inclusion and belonging is an integral part of Dr. Vivian’s success as a Vice President of Sodexo and SodexoMagic. Dr. Vivian collaborated with the sales team to gain more than $43 million in new sales revenue by implementing successful D&I initiatives with client companies.

The ‘Spirit of Inclusion’

At Sodexo, the belief that merely promoting numbers to prove diversity, without the spirit of inclusion was and still is meaningless. The ‘Spirit of Inclusion is to place women in important roles that impact the brand and contribute to the success of the organization.

Dr. Vivian believes that many of the companies hired Sodexo and partnered with one of world’s leading organization for Diversity & Inclusion and created enhanced employee engagement experiences in their workplaces. In Dr. Vivian’s role as the Vice President of Operations for Sodexo and SodexoMagic, the partnerships and collaboration to improve the workplace was crafted and was integrated into the clients culture and workforce.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is a strategic business imperative.

Client References are available upon request.